The future of telecoms is in hosting – this allows all telephones to be connected via the Internet, irrespective of location.

Ascari has extensive experience in hosted system installations that will save customers time and money.

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What is a hosted telephone system?

A hosted telephone system describes a structure, often used by businesses, whereby your phone system is held in the cloud, rather than physically in your office. Relying on cloud technology, hosted solutions eliminate the need for costly physical hardware, the phone system is essentially a piece of software, rather than hardware.

Benefits of hosted solutions

If you choose a hosted telephone solution, there are a range of advantages you, and your business can benefit from. A few of these benefits are as follows:

Call statistics

Hosted telephone solutions offer you the ability to scrutinize call volumes, trends, and individual user performance. You will receive in-depth reports, designed to provide you with business insights you might have been otherwise unaware of.

Flexible working

Hosted solutions offer complete flexibility, should an employee require the ability to work from home, our solutions can make that a reality. Relying on cloud technology allows users access to their telephone via any internet connection.

Reduced costs

Investing in a hosted solution eliminates the need for expensive physical hardware. Programming costs are reduced in comparison to traditional phone line maintenance costs, all that’s required is an internet connection.

Low maintenance

Cloud-based systems remove the need for complex installations, there is no requirement for cables and wires to be installed throughout the building. You will no longer need to rely on on-site equipment that might require engineer site visits, any issues encountered with hosted solutions can mostly be solved remotely from the provider’s location.

Preserve phone number

Your phone number is not attached to a physical premises, therefore, should your business relocate your phone presence will not be affected.

Improved features

Hosted phone solutions often provide a range of features that might not be offered by traditional solutions. For instance, many hosted solutions have the ability to record calls, nominate an auto attendant, access voicemail via email, and unified communications, just to name a few.

How do hosted solutions work?

A hosted telephony system basically relies on cloud technology to connect the telephone network to your business. The cloud essentially operates similarly to a traditional telephone system, managing, regulating and distributing your business's phone calls. Hosted telephones utilise the same area network (LAN) as your internet and automatically connects to the IP network.

You are able to dial a telephone number using either an Ip enabled physical handset or an app on your desktop/mobile. This phone call is transmitted via a broadband connection, the desired telephone’s network then routes your call to the number dialled.


As previously discussed, opting for a hosted telephony solution can offer your business a whole host of benefits. However, to ensure you fully benefit from all that hosting telephony has to offer, it is paramount you choose a solution that is suitable for your business and it’s needs.

With so many options available, we understand that choosing your solution can feel a little overwhelming, however can help supply you with the information and the appropriate solution, making your decision-making process as painless as possible.

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